What makes this – YourMarketingPal?

There are some 28 million small businesses in the U.S. with a half million new startups every month. Most don’t have marketing departments or inhouse creative of any kind. This website provides a ton of free help and guidance to anyone that wants to take advantage. It’s built from many years of experience working with small & startup businesses. If you are a startup or running a small business (or even freelance designers starting out) and are having a hard time finding good advice you can trust – I hope this website provides you a valuable resource tool to get your stuff done right – while saving time & money! After all, it is YourMarketingPal.

About the guy behind it…

My name is Greg Kimmes, I am a Creative Director / Senior Designer / Webmaster with 30+ years of experience working in creative agencies, corporate, & freelance. I live and work in Minneapolis. I love what I do and feel fortunate to get paid to do it – but helping small businesses succeed is how I make the biggest difference! I have a full-time position as a Senior Designer & Webmaster – but want to offer this free helpful advice to all startups & small businesses that struggle to get their marketing stuff done right – without spending a ton of time & money.

Senior Designer

Fortune 100 to Sole Proprietors


Wordpress Expert

Art Director

Connects creative to business


Freelancer for 15+ years

Why would you listen to me?

I’ve been doing this stuff for 30+ years – and I never stop trying to be better at it. I don’t focus on one just one thing, and don’t claim to be “the best” at any one thing, my strength is versatility & experience – and the ability to adapt & leverage that talent to serve a wide variety of clients. There are lots of blogs and websites that give advice on individual components of your marketing, some know what they’re talking about (most are trying to sell you something) – I try to be more comprehensive – not to mention, I speak from real experience and I am not a paid reviewer. I hope you’ll find true value here, and bookmark YourMarketingPal – so you’ll have it ready to refer to next time you need it.

Creative Leadership Skills

Versatility - Brand Identity, Web, Print, Digital, Illustration, Display...
Creative Direction & Project Management
Connecting creative to business goals
Customer Service
Settling for - good enough

Technical Skills

Coding - HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Illustrator
The rest of Adobe Creative Suite


You have several options when you need design done - project posting sites, diy, small agencies, & freelancers. I like a single source – saves time & headaches – and provides more consistency for your brand!


You will need to create your own unique strategy. Your work here will lead to your "Big Brand Idea" – and when it is time to execute – that's where YMP can really help.


Besides your website, you may pobably want help with your social media, emails, and maybe videos for Youtube. Let's get your business headed down the right path.


It's difficult for small businesses to operate and stay on top of their marketing plans with a limited budget & not a lot of time to spend. So let's do it right, while saving time & money!

Other things to know about me…

1 There's no charge for the advice that I offer. Full disclosure – some of the links on this site are affiliates (offer a commission) – it doesn't cost you a penny, in fact, in many cases I am able to offer a discount! Many resources are not affiliates. I only list resources that I believe will help get it done right, and save time & money!

2 My main motivation is to "make a difference" to as many small businesses as possible, helping them succeed. I know first hand, how hard it is to get a business up and running with very limited resources. I've helped a lot of businesses get off the ground, and they'll find this site useful as well - it's my way of saying "thanks".

3Family matters! I understand how much time and energy it takes to start and run a small business. I am a husband & dad of two boys (hockey & LaCrosse players) – so I appreciate saving time for what really matters. Hopefully we can save some time for you to spend with your family. My Christian faith & values are a big part of what motivate me. God bless!

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