Online design contests give small businesses access to talented designers all over the world


If you’re a small business with a limited marketing budget and you need of a logo for your company, turning to online design contests could be a better option than designing it yourself.

The starting cost for logos is $275 – $300, which is slightly less than the minimum rate for designs that are directly contracted. You’ve heard it said “you get what you pay for”, but “good design” is a subjective thing, and if you’re happy with the results, that all that really counts.

These contests can be kind of exciting – you get all kinds of designers (30 or more) from all over the world, submitting ideas for your prize money. You can get a winner in just a few days if you want to narrow the window. Price is pretty good but your feedback is limited and your going to have to pick just one in the end. So think about how you want to get there, I think a more controlled process where you work with one good designer or logo design company where you get a handful of concepts and revise from there actually yield the best results – but some of my friends think this is the best way to get a logo.

7 tips to get the more from your online design contest

1. Do your homework Planning a logo design starts with Branding 101: understanding your brand personality, your business objectives, your target audience, and even how and where your logo will be used. You need to do some top-level thinking before starting contest.

2. Pick with care Pick based on several factors including quality of designs and projected number of responses. In terms of quality, most sites display public design contests where you can review design input and winning designs to see what resonates with you, your personality and your business needs. Keep in mind sites like Design Tournament and 99Designs promise over minimum of 30 submissions and hundreds if you are willing to offer larger reward and both cost more to attract higher levels of designers.

3. Provide clear direction Most design contests start with an intake form that aims to generate your creative or design brief. Be as specific as you can and take advantage of any options provided by the site to help you present a clear request to the designers — reference images if possible.

4. Offer more than minimum reward (if you can afford to) offer an amount in the upper range or at least above the minimum to set your contest apart from the others.

5. Provide Feedback or comments
Interaction is the most demanding part of a design contest. In a standard logo design process, you work with one person who may limit you to three or four design ideas and they help you narrow your options down to one. In design contests, your get ten times more options and much wider variety. You need to dedicate time to respond to each concept. For submissions that are entirely in the wrong direction, be firm and final with a “Thank you, but this is not what I’m looking for. Most designers who participate in design contests are willing to do revisions, but be respectful of their time – all but one are not getting paid.

6. Up your deadline Not getting much response to your design contest posting? Often on design contest sites, designers will wait until the “last minute” to submit their designs. This gives them a chance to see what other designers submit and what feedback you’ve provided. Consider shortening the contest length to increase the sense of urgency.

7. Pick a winner When you are confident you have what you need, choose the winning design. Then provide the winner with the exact file formats you’ll need – if information was not already requested when you filled out your design brief. Cover all bases and make sure you get what you need so you won’t have to mess around with files later. Also – consider asking your friends & family to vote on their favorite design.

Here are three you can check out:,, and

Is a design contest the way to go?

Logo design contests can be a more difficult process than working directly with a designer. Decide if you really want to wade through that many options, most clients have a hard time picking from 4-6 options (much less trying to decide between 30 or more). If you’re willing to put in the time, however, you may just get a good logo and save some money (a little). Check out 99designs

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