Print is not dead, Long Live Print

Your Marketing Pal Print

Lots of small businesses have moved away from print marketing over the last ten years. Print got a bad rap as being more expensive and less effective than digital marketing channels.

In fact, print can be more effective than digital. Direct mail generally gets better response rates than email, internet display ads, and paid search. Almost 40% of customers try a business for the first time because of direct mail marketing, and 56% of customers find print marketing more trustworthy. Most small businesses prefer a marketing strategy that includes both print and digital communications, according to a Pitney Bowes survey. One of the biggest challenges facing small businesses is how and where to invest in marketing.

Invest in tactics that are proven to work, like print and direct mail.

Here are three ideas to effectively promote your small business using print marketing:

1. Business Cards: Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and other digital means of sharing your contact information, but business cards are still an important business tool. Business cards say something about your business, from demonstrating your credibility to showcasing  your brand.

2. Postcards: Three quarters of the households read or scan the marketing mail they receive. And of all the direct mail marketing pieces, postcards are most likely to be read – so try to target and personalize your postcard mailings.

3. Signage: You need a sign for your actual physical business location. But signage today can serve as a means for integrating your digital marketing communications. If you are on social media, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your customers know you are,  place printed signage in the lobby, on the reception desk, etc. – to promote your social media channels.

4. Handouts: Sell sheets, product info, and brochures can be sent as digital PDFs, but if you call on prospective customers they still expect a piece of literature that they can refer to. Businesses are more reluctant to print large numbers anymore – and with the advances in digital print on demand, you don’t have to.

It’s amazing to watch what has happened to the printing industry over the last 20 years, but the smart ones have survived and are offering even better, cost-effective solutions. Not to mention the advent of online printers like Vistaprint and, wher you can get 250 business cards for $10, in three days. As good as they are – they still need good direction and help with design files, they offer some design templates, but you’ll get better results using your own designer – and uploading your own design files.