Website Builders can be a simple answer for a new business – if needs are minimal – now and down the line

Website builders are an all-in-one solution to get a website up and running, you can get domain, hosting and drag and drop page builder template. They are a little easier to learn, but have a lot less choices for design themes and plugins or features available to you, you also end up being more captive and there is less help when you need it. Here are some services that let you create a well-designed, mobile-friendly site with very little technical knowledge. Big businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars to get their custom-designed and programmed sites, but smaller organizations and individuals can’t afford that kind of expense. For less than $20 a month and several hours of your time, you can get your own website up and running.

Some services offer a free option, which if you choose, your site will include branding from that provider, I would strongly suggest you stay away from the free option, unless you just cant afford the small monthly builders

With website builders, you build everything yourself, using simple drag-and-drop interfaces, including social-share buttons, photo galleries, blogs, and media players. But before you can start building your site, you’ll need an address or URL for it. You can register a your domain with your web host, this is most convenient and many offer the first year free (normally $16/yr for

Better website builders such as Squarespace and Wix, use really well designed templates and they take care of reformatting  your site for viewing on mobile devices (referred to that as responsive design). With growing use of smart phones and tablets you really need to make sure your site is mobile friendly, if not, Google will ding your search results and maybe not even show your site in search results.

If you mostly want to sell stuff on the web – you’ll want to move up to a more-dedicated shopping cart service like Shopify.

Big downside of these services is that, should you someday want to move your site to another host, you’ll be out of luck. Squarespace does offer some transfer ability by letting you output your site in standard WordPress format, which you then can take to another provider that specializes in WordPress hosting.

Couple of the best website builders:

Wix – When it comes to building an interactive website, Wix might be the best. The Wix website builder is ideal for users looking to make a great looking website that encourages visitors to interact. The platform works well for building sleek portfolios, restaurant sites, and small business sites that are focused on engaging users and encouraging them to shift between pages. Not everything about the platform is perfect, but the Wix builder is among the most user-friendly tools of its kind. With many different packages, it could be the perfect choice for new webmasters. Wix hosting comes free with every site – by having your webpages on Wix’s servers, your site will load more quickly, providing advantages when it comes to SEO. More about Wix

SquarespaceWhether you are looking to build a simple blog, an online ecommerce shop, a business website or a striking online home for your portfolio, SquareSpace has everything you need. Simple point and click functionality allows you to build an original website with completely customizable features from start to finish, and every feature is mobile responsive without any extra work. Using best SEO practices, and linking seamlessly with social media, allows search engines to find you easily, and start driving traffic to your business. Hosting is included with all packages at SquareSpace and all customers receive a free custom domain. The premium packages at SquareSpace offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited pages, unlimited storage and unlimited blogs & galleries. SquareSpace also has built-in website analytics that enables users to view the number of visitors to their site in real time. In addition, these analytics will tell users where their visitors are coming from and what keywords they are using to search for the site. The most popular package is the Professional package and it comes with unlimited bandwidth, storage and pages and costs $16.00 per month. More about Squarespace