WordPress Video Training Makes Learning WordPress a Lot Easier

WordPress video training can really help you get off to a great start with WordPress. If you want to quickly get up to speed using online video training there are some really good ones. There’s a bunch of free videos available on Youtube – or you can use a paid video training subscription like ones I have listed below. These are some of the best video training resources for learning WordPress. Video training libraries are much easier to navigate, are more complete, and are a more efficient way to learn. They cost a little – but remember, if you have to pay someone $60/hr to do this stuff – you will quickly justify.


WordPress Video Training from Youtube is Free!

The problem is searching for good relevant content. Some is too technical, some is really badly produced, it also can be hard to tell if they really know their stuff, and some are all but impossible to understand. Don’t forget to check the publishing date – to see if content is current, video above is a good example – it’s pretty well done – but dates back to 2011.

WP Apprentice

WP Apprentice
WP Apprentice is produced by WordPress expert, Kirk Biglione. Kirk consults with corporate and government clients on issues related web publishing systems, including WordPress. He’s a no bull – easy to understand guy you can trust.

WordPress Video Training from WP Apprentice is Efficient

Don’t waste your time searching Google for answers to WordPress questions. Learn from WP Apprentice short and on point video tutorials that you watch at your own pace, whenever you need them. They will get you up to speed quickly and provide reliable answers from a true expert. With more than 50 videos – this really is a great library of WordPress tutorials. If it helps make your decision, over 12000 users have already benefited.

Spend less time learning WordPress and more time doing your business – for a one-time payment of $47. If your building a website, WP Apprentice will help you get the most out of WordPress.

WP 101

WordPress 101

WP 101 is another good site for WordPress video training. It’s professionally done, and features a video library which you get full access to after you sign up. The videos are organized in categories – based on knowledge level. The quality of these videos are very good, Shawn Hesketh is the author, and he’s easy to follow. Take a look at the free video to see an example.

With over 23,000 members, this is great training resource. They offer three payment options; 30 days access for $19/month, 12 months access for $39/year, and lifetime access for $79. Check out WP101


Then there is Lynda.com, they have WordPress training along with tons of other topics. I like WP apprentice better, but if you already plan to use Lynda.com for other subjects, maybe give WordPress training a try.

Lynda.com is hands-down the best source for online learning. For years, Lynda.com (starting at $25 per month) has been serving up informative and clear video-based training to people who need it. The videos let you work at your own pace, and the website is designed extremely well. It helps you keep track of what you want to learn – and what you have already learned. The site is really good at teaching technical skills and technique, such as WordPress. Besides multimedia training, Lynda.com also helps people pick up business principles, branding, marketing advice, and much more. So when you need skills fast, Lynda.com is the go-to source for high quality training & education.