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Yourmarketingpal launches

It only took 30 years to finally get this idea off the ground… well maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. Yourmarketingpal launches a place for small businesses to get free help with marketing needs. This website concept started about a year old, but the experience gathering – and the desire to help small businesses has been in development for over 30 years. It’s funny, I can get a website up and running in a couple days for a client, but when it’s your own it takes so much longer. Creating content that’s not to complicated – and yet helps small businesses and startups of all types and sizes is kinda challenging.

Marketing tips & great advice for small business

My concept for this site is built around the growing need for small businesses that need to do their own marketing – with little resources (time & money) – and still get great results. Some will want to do it all themselves (at least to start with), some just want a little help when they get stuck, and others want someone with experience to execute their strategies. No two are the same, and that is where www.yourmarketingpal.com comes in. It here to provide straight talk and advice for small business owners that are trying to find the right marketing solutions for their individual needs.

Along with insights and advice – there’s great resources

I have put together a resource list that will help small business and startups get their marketing stuff done right. I have used most of these resources for many years and find them extremely valuable to myself and my clients – hopefully you’ll find them part of your solution. Again, they are here as best options to consider, depending on your needs. I only include those that I have worked with, or closely evaluated and determined to highest reviews from other users – so I’m trying to save you time, headaches, and wasted money finding good resources for helping market your small business. There are lots of other websites that review small subsections (like the best website builders) – they list ten or so different sources and maybe some reviews, which can be helpful, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Most of those sites are built by affiliate marketers, that get paid a commission no matter which solution you end up buying, they may not be experienced in marketing and may have paid someone to create their websites. Doesn’t mean they are bad for research, just hard to trust a lot of advice or guidance they provide.

Affiliate Marketing is not a bad thing.

I like the concept behind affiliate marketing, bloggers and website owners can generate some income from their sites by pointing visitors to those services and products – which isn’t a bad thing. I have connected my resources with affiliate marketing if the resource has an affiliate program, many do not but I will still list if I feel they offer great value to user. My site is built to be free to users – and it doesn’t charge for advice, nothing to sign up for, and I don’t sell advertising – if a visitor to my site decides to buy a product or service from an affiliate they won’t pay a penny more than if they purchased directly. In fact, if the affiliate offers the ability to split commissions I will offer additional discounts to purchasers. There are a few I have not worked with (like design services since I am a designer) – but I have clients and friends that have recommended and I have then researched and checked out. So all said, I only list resources that provide best solutions at greatest value, I will continue to add to that list (and take away when warranted) to be a place small businesses can return to and refer to whenever they to take on the next marketing need.

Comments and feedback welcome

I allow comments field at the bottom of each page or post, if you have a question or comment that can build on a subject or will prompt a response from others, let’s do it to share with others and make everyone more successful in their marketing efforts. Not only small businesses, but graphic designers, freelancers, other marketers will find some value in this website – I have not run into another website that offers free experienced insight and advice on a whole range of marketing topics that are designed to help small businesses & startups. We all have great ideas and discoveries to share and so use the comment box and we’ll keep adding valuable content for small businesses and startups trying to do their own marketing.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to share it with your friends that might be trying to start or run a small business, they’ll thank you.

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